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Rough Collies- Blue Merles - Pelido.

It is understandable that colour headed white collies would appear in the gene pool of a very old shepherding breed such as the collie. The Rough collie was bred from dogs used to care for sheep out on the lonely weather torn hills and mountainsides of Scotland, during a time period when roads were unheard of. Wolves were still around. 23/01/2011 · This Site Might Help You. RE: Is this true about Rough Collie Blue Merle breeding? I&39;ve heard from Collie breeders that if you breed a female Blue Merle, with a male Sable, or Tri-coloured, that the puppies turn out all white, and with no eyes? Sable/White and Tri Colour Rough Collie male puppies. Sire Ingledene Spirit N'Venture x Dam Ingledene Lace N'Grace. Parents Hip and Eyes tested etc. Puppies will be Litter screened, Puppy Pack, KC registered etc. Puppies ready for their new homes from the 20th December I will keep over the Christmas holidays if required.

Da das Merle-Gen in zobelfarbenen Collies im erwachsenen Zustand häufig nicht mehr erkennbar ist, besteht bei Sable-Merle-Collies immer die Gefahr, dass versehentlich zwei Elterntiere mit Merle-Gen verpaart werden. Deshalb ist die Sable-Merle-Farbe im Club für Britische Hütehunde verboten. We have a nice selection of Sable, Blue Merle, Sable Merle, and Tricolored puppies at this time. The oldest litter is now 8 weeks old. They are Blue Merles and Tri’s. You may hear them called Rough Collies, Classic Collies, Bearded Collies, and Lassie Collies. Sable Merle Collie.8 AKC Rules and Guidelines for Revising Standards.9 Genetics and Science of the Merle Gene. The well-fitting, proper-textured coat is the crowning glory of the rough variety of Collie. It is abundant except on the head and legs. The outer coat is straight and harsh to the touch. british columbia, canada breeder of quality rough & smooth collies. in sable, tri, blue merle & sable merle. puppies/adults available for companionship, conformation, obedience, working & performance. Find similarities and differences between Smooth Collie vs Rough Collie. Compare Smooth Collie and Rough Collie and name3. Which is better: Smooth Collie or Rough Collie. 0. Black & White & Tan Blue & Merle Blue & Merle & White Sable Sable & White White White & Merle Merle: Black & White & Tan Blue & Merle Blue & Merle & White Sable Sable.

muddy coloured blue Merle.rather it will dilute the sable body colour and produce a SABLE Merle. To say that the introduction of the Merle gene to a sable line will ruin the colour of any future blues is a total fallacy. I recently heard one very experienced breeder declare that ALL progeny of a mating between a sable collie and a blue Merle. Hickory Creeks Collies produces AKC Rough Collies that are health tested, with show quality. Check to see available Collie puppies for sale now! Michigan Rough Collie Breeder of Quality Rough Collies and Rough Collie Puppies in ALL colors. Sable & White, Tri-Color, & Blue Merle We are a short driving distance from the states of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. This website includes collie pictures, collie pedigrees, collie related links, and collie breed information. Coat colors in both varieties are sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, or white. Collie fanciers take pride in their breed’s elegant wedge-shaped head, whose mobile ears and almond eyes convey a wide variety of expressions. Collies are famously fond of children and make wonderful family pets.

  1. Rough and Smooth Collie Breed Club including details of our Open and Championship Dog Shows,. Sable Rough Collie Bitch. Sable Rough Collie Bitch. Tricolour Rough Collie Dog. Sable Rough Collie Puppy. Tricolour Rough Collie Dog. Blue Merle Rough Collie Puppy. Show More. This site was designed with website builder. Create your.
  2. Rough Collie. The most famous dog in the world probably is Lassie, a sable and white Rough Collie who appeared in print in 1940 and in the movies in 1943, and has continued to appear on film and television around the world ever since.
  3. Rough Collies- Blue Merles Owners/Breeders of 27 UK Champions in all three colours and both sexes Top Breeders 1982/1984/1991/1994 Top Stud Dog/Top Brood Bitch 1989/1991 Top Stud Dog 2001 Pelido Slade Born in our very first Blue Merle litter. Sire:Pelido Black Prince, Dam: Moon Moss of.
  4. A collie with little or no polyA will present as a cryptic a merle who is not physically distinguishable as such or who mainly looks tri-color or sable with only slight hints of merling. Imagine my surprise when Leigh Anne called one day a few years ago to say that my tri rough Wiggy has a merle gene.

When naming your new Rough Collie puppy, you may be tempted to name her Lassie or him Laddie or Shep, but you may want to squash that urge and think of a different name. While Lassie, Laddie and Shep are wonderful names, they are extremely popular with Rough Collie owners and if you are hoping for an original or unique name, these are not it. all about Alfenloch Collies, Ontario, Canada - Rough Collie puppies in Sable, Blue Merle and Tricolor, that make one of the best family dogs, Alfenloch Countryview Starpower, breeders of outstanding rough collies, rough collie puppies, and collie puppies, Alfenloch Rough Collies & Collie puppies homepage, breeders, ontario, canada, ALFENLOCH. Rough collie puppies for sale. Sort by. 9 days ago. Cadoodle Puppies rough Collie X Toy Poodle. 1 sable and white male 1 white and tan female Vaccines and wormed up to date No time wasters!. Collie pup rough collie 4 months old. Sable Merle & White Collie d Sable Merle and White Similar to the sable and white, but usually of a lighter sable colouring with darker sable mottling or spotting through the coat, often with grey tipping on the ears, and always with white markings.

Sometimes sable merles have blue eyes or partial blue eyes; but if they do not it is hard to distinguish them as adults from regular sable and white Collies, as any light spotting/marbling they may have had as puppies usually fades. Often the only way to identify an adult sable merle is to check the ear tips for retained silvery hairs. We raise: Sable & White Lassie type, Tri-Color, Blue Merle, Sable Merle, White Collies and the RARE Dilute Merle or often called a Maltese Grey, or Maltese Blue, or Normal Grey Collie these are registered as a Blue Merle variation - I like to call them a true "Stirling Collie". However, in the development of the modern breed these Spitz-type dogs were heavily mixed with the Rough Collie and toy breeds and are now similar in appearance to a miniature Rough Collie. Very small, nearly erect ears, long silky fur on body, most commonly sable or merle, with white over shoulders. Smithfield. But sables come in beautiful variations from light straw to deep mahogany. To complicate things a little, collies also come in sable merle. Sometimes sable merle collies are hard to spot, and sometimes they are quite spotty! And like all the collie colors – they may be white factored Find sable Rough Collie puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.

Variations in Collie Color – Collie Health.

Collie Rough Breed Review. Long-Haired Collies, or widely known as Rough Collies, are medium-sized dogs that were bred for herding. They have distinctive long double coats that are straight on the top and furry underneath. They are heavy shedders, so you must have that in mind before choosing them. Wyndlair offers World-Class AKC Collie puppies in Blue Merle, Sable, Tri-Color & White coat colors. Puppy care, socialization, cost, shipping & more. Located near Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa or Indiana. Pleasant Acre Collies is a small hobby kennel located in southwestern Pennsylvania. We have been breeding and showing AKC registered rough and smooth collies sable/white, blue merle, and tri color for close to 40 years. We have been fortunate to have bred/owned several champion and near champion collies throughout the years.

Colleen, a Rough Collie from London voiced by Tress MacNeille on Road Rovers. Jezebel, is a Rough Collie voiced by Fergie in the 2010 movie, Marmaduke. Chester McDoogle, is a Rough Collie that appeared in the promos for Chadwick Stokes album Simmerkane II of State Radio and Dispatch fame. Our love for the Collie began with my beautiful lady, Sable. She is a Rough Coat Mahogany Sable. She joined our family in 2008 with no plans on breeding. There was always the dream of having a "Lassie" dog, but never seem realistic. That year my daughter, Kaela, ask for a puppy for her birthday.

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